Letter to All Contractors and Tradesmen of South Florida

To the Main Contractors

If you received this letter and you are the main contractor of any building projects, whether they are commercial or residential, be advised that this website, www.wewantouramericanjobsback.com, is dedicated to stop the practice of taking American construction jobs, by way of using an illegal labor force (immigrants, both illegal and even legal, working for cash). This mainly consists of unlicensed subcontractors working under the umbrella of larger licensed subcontractors.

We will try to get the public to assist in forcing local, state and national government to make you, the main contractors, held accountable. We will try to get government to put fines, for each infraction, on you, the main contractors. We will try to get government to shut your jobs down longer and longer, with each additional future infraction. We will try to get government to send notice to your clients of fines and jobs being shut down.

You, the main contractors, know what is going on! You know if any of your subs are truly not playing by the book. If you truly don't know, tell them you want to see monthly Workman's Comp audits, or quarterly employers UTC-6's, or quarterly unemployment reports with their workers' names and Social Security numbers. Verify the names with the workers own ID's.

You, the main contractors, might want to start telling future clients that prices are going up, because of a government crackdown on this problem. You might also want to stop using subcontractors that are blatantly obvious in what they are doing to get your work.

To the Subcontractors who play by the rules

If you are a licensed subcontractor who plays by the rules, who has lost countless contracts, because of playing by the rules, please contact as many of your friends, family, business acquaintances past and present, even if they are out of state, to log on to our website and sign our petitions. Please tell your contacts to do the same. This will not work without you!!!

To the American tradesmen of legal companies

If you've lost days, weeks or months of work, or even your job, because of this problem, please contact all your friends, family, past and present fellow American workers, even if they are out of state, to log on and sign our petitions. Please tell your contacts to do the same. This will not work without you, as well!!!

To the big subcontractors that are using an illegal labor force

I think you guys have made enough money at the expense of the American construction workers and our nations economy.


A los trabajadores hispanos de estas compañías

(To the hispanic workers of these companies)

De todos los trabajadores que yo he visto en los últimos 30 años en el campo de la construcción, los trabajadores hispanos son los que más se esfuerzan y que más ética tienen haciendo su labor. De hecho, la mayoría de mis trabajadores son hispanos y ellos son mis favoritos. El problema es que las compañías para las cuales muchos hispanos trabajan están haciendo algo completamente ilegal en nuestro país. Estas compañías están quitándoles trabajos a ciudadanos norteamericanos al no pagar lo que se suponen que estén pagando. Yo he escuchado historias de cómo algunos trabajadores hispanos trabajan por tres semanas sin recibir su paga y muchas veces nunca reciben su dinero porque están aquí ilegalmente y no pueden ir a quejarse por ese atropello ante las autoridades. Nosotros no estamos tratando de quitarles su trabajo; simplemente estamos tratando de que estas compañías sigan las reglas del juego para que sea justo para todos nosotros.