Petition to All U.S. Politicians

Petition to the US Senate, President Obama and all other US politicians, concerning immigration reform (amnesty)

We would like all of our politicians to take notice of what has happened to the Florida Construction Industry, before they make any wise and honorable decisions, concerning amnesty (or whatever word you might want to use). We would like them to take notice of all the illegal, as well as legal immigrants that have illegally taken so many construction jobs in Florida, by way of working for cash (almost all of which are from Mexico and the countries of Central and South America). What has happened in Florida, in the past 5 to 6 years, is an epidemic of mass proportions, with no relief from local, state, or the national government, even when told of this economy breaking problem.

What kind of slap in the face do you think you are inflicting on the American citizens, that have lost their jobs, careers, and homes because of our government's impotence to fix this problem of immigrants stealing our jobs, by way of working for cash. From time to time, our government passes new laws to protect our jobs, but no one ever enforces them.

In the past few years, there has been talk about Medicare and Social Security being in trouble, but what about the fact that this year our government raised the unemployment tax. Of course, only the legal companies have to pay to pick up the slack for those illegal subcontracting companies not paying anything. These immigrants that are working for cash pay no Social Security, no Medicare, no personal taxes, no unemployment, and in a lot of cases no Workman's Comp Insurance, and a lot of these workers that are being paid cash, have passports. Why are they being paid cash, if they are carrying a passport, doesn't that mean they are in this country legally? Now, you great leaders, and great thinkers want to reward them. How is amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants going to strengthen our economy? What are our political leaders going to do with the next wave of multimillion illegal immigrants to enter our country? What message are you sending to the people of these countries?

This is not about race or racial profiling. We cannot help it that the majority of the countries south of ours have an overwhelming majority of Hispanic people. To use the race card in this matter is an attempt to steer the issue away from the facts.

There are several parts of the senate "amnesty" deal that sound appealing. The fact that the immigrants would have to show proof of employment and residency for the past several years is a good first step. They would also have to pay taxes owed on the money that they made for those years. We want our politicians to strictly enforce these key parts of their immigration reform plan. If these immigrants cannot produce proof of past employment and pay these back taxes, they shouldn't be allowed citizenship. It is not fair to American citizens when they can steal our jobs and then be rewarded for doing it.

We want our political leaders to investigate, and look into what is going on in the Florida Construction Industry before they make any decisions on immigration reform. We want them to create and "enforce" some "common sense" laws, in the US:

  • We want all gated communities to have strict entry rules for all workers who enter. Every person entering must show a state issued ID. They should not accept passports, out of state or out of country ID's, and no more cheap ID's that can be bought at a flea market.
  • We want these immigrants to show proof of employment before they can get a state issued ID.
  • We want someone to start checking jobsites for cash paid workers.
  • We want the main contractors held accountable.
  • We want noncompliant jobs shut down for a short period of time, with longer and longer durations for any future infractions, also with notice given to the owners.
  • We want local government officials who cannot do their jobs effectively, reprogrammed or replaced.




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