Petition to Florida Governor Rick Scott

We would like our Governor, Rick Scott, to honor one of his campaign promises. We would like him to stop documented and undocumented immigrants from illegally taking our construction jobs, by way of working for cash. In the past five years or more, slowly, but surely, workers from other countries (Non-American citizens), are taking over Florida's construction industry. It's simple economics, America cannot fix its economy and be soft on immigration.
This is not about someone's race. People need to stop making this problem out to be about race. Nothing gets done in this country when there is even a hint about ones' race. The immigrants that are taking our jobs, illegally, are from Mexico, Central and South America, so naturally there are people out there, that are going to say that this is about race (if you didn't know, or you live under a rock, the overwhelming racial majority of these countries, is Hispanic). Those same critics are probably not having their job, business or livelihood threatened.
On the contrary, it's about American citizenship, government protection of our jobs, the health of America's economy and the impotence of our local, state and national government to do anything about this problem. What if millions of Chinese people parachuted into America, they then proceeded to start working our jobs at $3.00 an hour. Would it be a question of race, or would our government aggressively address that problem? Why aren't they aggressively addressing this one?
We would like Rick Scott to use whatever power he has by using multiple branches of our state's government to investigate, enforce laws, fines and penalties, to the companies listed on our website <>. These businesses subcontract all of their labor out to smaller labor subcontractors, that pay most, if not all of their workers in CASH. Whomever investigates, have to actually walk onto jobsites, check ID's, and seek proof of being "legal" employees (employers quarterly reports, quarterly unemployment reports, monthly workman's compensation reports, etc.), as well as look thoroughly into the businesses and business owners of these smaller labor subcontractors to see if they are even paying personal taxes, or any other government imposed taxes or fees, on themselves, while charging such low prices. Rick Scott could even get the Construction Industry Licensing Boards of the different counties to step in. The overwhelming majority of these smaller labor subcontractors are not even licensed to do structural work. They are supervised by the licensed company they work for.
We know that the Florida Division of Workmans' Comp Compliance is supposed to be one of the states best tools for the job, but we feel that their investigators have proven that they are inadequate to the task (you'll find that Florida's DWCC could of put a stop to this, long ago).
Our organization, <> will provide the governor or any government agency with the real names of these companies upon request.


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