Why Investigate Middlemark and Middlemark's subcontractors? (Not their real name):

  • Middlemark was one of the first on the scene in South Florida, and is one of the biggest subcontractors in South Florida. They are racking up account after account by using an illegal labor force. Many other subcontracting companies are following in their footsteps.
  • Middlemark has landed some of the biggest name and monetary contracts in South Florida by using an illegal labor force.
  • Middlemark has been known to cut legitimate companies' bids by making bids that are a third to even almost one half lower in price. These companies making legitimate bids have untarnished reputations and have been in business for decades. That alone, should be enough for someone in our government to take notice of Middlemark. All it really takes is common sense.
  • Middlemark and others of the like are putting construction tradesmen out of jobs or careers, and putting legitimate subcontracting companies out of business. American citizens' are losing their homes and their livelihoods, because of companies that use an illegal labor force.
  • Why Middlemark? Because we, the legitimate subcontracting companies in South Florida know what you will find. It will prove that we have a big problem in Florida that needs to be addressed. There are many big and small subcontracting companies doing the same thing in all trades of the Florida construction industry and we will report them to governmental agencies that will enforce fines, penalties, shut jobs down, etc.. The problem is getting these government agencies to do something in the first place, to find American taxpayer funded government officials or workers to do the legwork and paperwork instead of sitting on their butts!!!
Why are we paying taxes to a government whose politicians are more worried about getting their party elected, bad mouthing the other party, and not working with the other party to fix or make America strong again? Our government spends most of its time bickering like school children. America was once an empire, it isn't anymore. America has to hold the record for the shortest period in history that a country was an empire. Why is our economy so screwed up? The reason being is that we have been giving our country away, and we aren't finished giving it away yet.


A los trabajadores hispanos de estas compañías

(To the hispanic workers of these companies)

De todos los trabajadores que yo he visto en los últimos 30 años en el campo de la construcción, los trabajadores hispanos son los que más se esfuerzan y que más ética tienen haciendo su labor. De hecho, la mayoría de mis trabajadores son hispanos y ellos son mis favoritos. El problema es que las compañías para las cuales muchos hispanos trabajan están haciendo algo completamente ilegal en nuestro país. Estas compañías están quitándoles trabajos a ciudadanos norteamericanos al no pagar lo que se suponen que estén pagando. Yo he escuchado historias de cómo algunos trabajadores hispanos trabajan por tres semanas sin recibir su paga y muchas veces nunca reciben su dinero porque están aquí ilegalmente y no pueden ir a quejarse por ese atropello ante las autoridades. Nosotros no estamos tratando de quitarles su trabajo; simplemente estamos tratando de que estas compañías sigan las reglas del juego para que sea justo para todos nosotros.