No More INS

Immigration and Naturalization Services

Do you remember Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services (INS)? Do you remember when they used to pull up on a jobsite with a bunch of black SUV's and would round up all the illegal aliens? Do you know that they don't exist now? After the horrible act of 911, the INS was made a part of the Homeland Security Act. It's now the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Pretty funny, huh? Homeland Security is supposed to protect us from terrorist attacks against our country, but they can't even protect our internal American jobs from being taken by millions of illegal immigrants.
Google immigration, or INS, or Homeland Security and click on immigration. They all go to the same webpage. They all go to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services webpage where all you'll find is how to obtain US citizenship, different kinds of visa's, or green cards (I've been an employer for 20 years, and I've yet to see either a work visa or a green card). The website even goes as far as putting forms and instructions in Spanish to make things easier on the foreign applicants. From the looks of things, with all these immigrants carrying their passports and taking our jobs, this department must be working overtime to let as many immigrants into our country as they possibly can.
In this economy, why are we letting so many immigrants into this country? Did our government make some sort of deal with these countries, to let so many of them in our country, and/or let so many of them become American citizens?
As far as the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (the strong arm department) goes, they are supposed to do something about the illegal immigrants once they get into our country and take our jobs. I really don't know what they are doing with their funding. They must have thousands of lifelike cardboard cutouts in their offices. These cutouts are struck in different poses, like sitting at a desk, typing, or a supervisor reprimanding subordinates, or maybe a couple of people getting coffee at the coffee machine, etc., because they certainly aren't doing the job they have been hired for.
Google "Mexico's main source of income or revenue", and you will find that immigrants sending money home from America is in the #2 spot, just below oil production revenues. I didn't even look at the countries of Central and South America.


A los trabajadores hispanos de estas compañías

(To the hispanic workers of these companies)

De todos los trabajadores que yo he visto en los últimos 30 años en el campo de la construcción, los trabajadores hispanos son los que más se esfuerzan y que más ética tienen haciendo su labor. De hecho, la mayoría de mis trabajadores son hispanos y ellos son mis favoritos. El problema es que las compañías para las cuales muchos hispanos trabajan están haciendo algo completamente ilegal en nuestro país. Estas compañías están quitándoles trabajos a ciudadanos norteamericanos al no pagar lo que se suponen que estén pagando. Yo he escuchado historias de cómo algunos trabajadores hispanos trabajan por tres semanas sin recibir su paga y muchas veces nunca reciben su dinero porque están aquí ilegalmente y no pueden ir a quejarse por ese atropello ante las autoridades. Nosotros no estamos tratando de quitarles su trabajo; simplemente estamos tratando de que estas compañías sigan las reglas del juego para que sea justo para todos nosotros.