The Bitter Truth

The welfare of our economy is at the lowest we've seen it in our my lifetimes. Our construction labor force is quickly being taken over by non American citizens, and they are breaking almost every tax law, immigration law, and construction industry law to do it. They are taking over almost every trade; carpenters, concrete finishers, block masons, drywall installers, drywall finishers, stucco masons, roofers, tile setters, stone masons, marble installers, painters, etc.. American citizens who have careers in these various construction fields are losing their jobs or businesses, homes, etc., with no help from our government in sight. I've heard in parts of Texas and Arizona, you can't get a construction job if you are an American citizen.
In twenty years, we won't have many American citizens to do these jobs, because they won't know how. You don't see any of our youth stepping into these trades anymore. When I was young, teenagers and young men who wanted to work during the summer during their school or college break could step into these jobs along with those that just didn't do well in school, period. You don't see that anymore. My son and all his friends had a very hard time getting even mediocre jobs, most of them at restaurants and fast food chains. Most young American citizens in South Florida can't get a construction job, even if they wanted it, because of the immigrants working for cash.
I know this country was founded on letting immigrants into our country. Those were different times. We needed a population for a country that had a limited one at best. America is kind of like a poor, poor family with their own ten hungry kids. The parents keep taking in kids that are not even their kin, and feeding those new kids, while their own kids go hungry and have to watch.
These are dire times economically. Our government needs to step up to the plate and really do something about this. George W. wanted to grant amnesty to illegal aliens in this country and let them become American citizens. He didn't really have the best interest of this country in mind. It would have created "legal" cheap labor, while putting lifelong American citizens out of jobs, sort of like what is going on now, "illegally". It would have also created a voting power, who would have given their votes to whoever offered them more. This would go on while lifelong American citizens are ignored. The only people, who would have benefited from an amnesty deal, would have been the illegal aliens, employers and the politicians. The majority of American citizens would have been the biggest losers