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There is an elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. No, hold on, he's on the jobsite with tools on, working. He's called all his friends, and now they are all working. Now all of them are calling all their friends and telling them how easy it is to take American jobs. Oh well, they are only taking jobs that Americans don't want to do, right?
Wrong! America exports the majority of our factory jobs to other countries. Now we are importing the majority of our construction labor force from Mexico and countries of Central and South America. The majority of these workers are taking American citizens' jobs illegally, by working for cash. Down here in South Florida it's getting to the point that if you are an American citizen, you can't get a job in a lot of the different trades of the construction industry, no matter how much experience or motivation you have. Use simple logic or common sense to realize what an impact this is on our fragile economy.
By our local, state and national governments' lack of any will or power to stop this illegal activity, what message is America sending to the people of these countries? "Come to America, where American citizens have to go by rules and laws, but you won't have to". Or, "Take our jobs, nobody will stop you". I hope our government knows these people do know how to use phones, and they are calling all their friends and relatives.
If you are looking for a hate site, or a race bashing site, let me tell you, first off, this is not one. We are looking to find ways to force our local, state and national government agencies, to "DO THEIR JOB", and make contractors and subcontractors play by the book, if they are going to use workers from other countries (non-American citizen's). Also, to create an atmosphere for government agency workers to act upon this major drain on our economy, by forcing them to have the mindset that their job depends on it.
This website does not discriminate against any race. We simply do not want non-American citizens taking our jobs, especially by not paying their fair share to Social Security, Medicare, the Unemployment Fund, Workman's Compensation Insurance, personal taxes, etc., etc., etc., that our government strictly enforces on it's own American citizens, working in our construction industry.
This website is not going after your gardener or the occasional illegal immigrant, here or there. We are currently focused at going after the BIG subcontracting companies, operating in South Florida and owned by American citizens that are so blatantly obvious in the illegal business practices of using an illegal labor force. Here in South Florida, we are focusing on companies such as Middlemark Construction, BSBI, F & P Shell Contracting, Hellko, Slowfame, etc., etc., etc. (not their real names).
The main problem is with these companies' subcontractors. Most, if not all, of their labor subcontractors use 100% immigrants from countries, south of ours. I, myself, wouldn't have a problem with this, I use "legal immigrants" for my labor, as well, but, their subcontractors are paying upwards to 100% of their labor force in "cash". Whether they are in this country "legally", or not, all or the majority of them are paid in cash. These illegal, unlicensed companies are subcontractors who work under a bigger licensed subcontractor, you know, the umbrella effect. No one is checking out these smaller subcontractors, no one.
There are a lot of people in America that feel that we should have pity on these immigrants. They say that the immigrants just want to experience the American Dream (a life of personal happiness and material comfort as traditionally sought by American citizens). Shouldn't the American dream be earned by these immigrants. These immigrants and the American citizens that are engaging in this illegal activity are stealing the American Dream from American citizens.
Here at this website, we want to send a simple message to our local, state and national government, "Make it Stop"!!!


A los trabajadores hispanos de estas compañías

(To the hispanic workers of these companies)

De todos los trabajadores que yo he visto en los últimos 30 años en el campo de la construcción, los trabajadores hispanos son los que más se esfuerzan y que más ética tienen haciendo su labor. De hecho, la mayoría de mis trabajadores son hispanos y ellos son mis favoritos. El problema es que las compañías para las cuales muchos hispanos trabajan están haciendo algo completamente ilegal en nuestro país. Estas compañías están quitándoles trabajos a ciudadanos norteamericanos al no pagar lo que se suponen que estén pagando. Yo he escuchado historias de cómo algunos trabajadores hispanos trabajan por tres semanas sin recibir su paga y muchas veces nunca reciben su dinero porque están aquí ilegalmente y no pueden ir a quejarse por ese atropello ante las autoridades. Nosotros no estamos tratando de quitarles su trabajo; simplemente estamos tratando de que estas compañías sigan las reglas del juego para que sea justo para todos nosotros.